PS - Colorist Commercial Case Study

Before/After: People often think what they see on TV is what the camera saw. Often times, especially with commercials that couldn't be further from the truth. This case study shows how far in grading we need to go to create the look we are expecting to see in a spot like this. 

BFG - Colorist Matching Case Study

 Not all grading jobs are about correcting huge problems. In fact those aren't always the hardest. The hardest can be taking inarguably great footage and doing the subtle work of matching an entire long form piece to feel cohesive.

Vice - Colorist Documentary Case Study

Before/After. News pieces like this one for Vice often need lots of color balancing, fixing white balance, fixing exposure and more to feel cohesive. Subtle work like this can often be more challenging than creating extreme looks. 

Colorist Grading Reel

 My latest color grading montage reel with a mix of before and afters from various projects, from Beyonce videos to Walmart commercials and everything in between.