Walmart "Road Trip" Spot

Part of a lifestyle campaign for the Walmart Smart Network, Walmart's in-store advertising network. 

Specialized "Tom Boonen" Spot

We shot just outside of Brussels Belgium with the world champ in his home town for this Tour de France spot. 

FRAWG "Spokesman" Spot

 Nick edited & colored this spot for Ntelos Wireless.

Asics "Try Everything" Japanese Spot

Olympic gold medal winner and record breaking marathon runner Naoko Takahashi stars in this Asics "Try Everything" campaign which aired in Japan. 

Beyonce "I Am..." Tour Ticket Spot

I got to take the reigns of the touring concert video team for a day and shoot these spots promoting her tour during rehearsals. 

Burts Bees "The Same, But Better"

A completely made up spot for Burt's Bees when I was testing out some quick stop motion animation techniques. I think they should run it.

Jack Daniels "Zac Brown Band"

Jack Daniel's and The Zac Brown Band teamed up for a nationwide tour and promoted it with this spot which was edited & colored by Nick.

Beyonce "I Am..." Teaser Spot

Nick collaborated with Beyonce on all promotional aspects of her album "I am... Sasha Fierce" including directing, editing, and coloring this teaser.

Specialized "BG Fit" Spot


Cato "Spring" Web Spot

 A viral ad for the fashion store Cato edited and colored by Nick.

Specialized "Paulo Bettini" Spot


Ferrari "Italia" Viral Spot

Viral spot for Ferrari. Multiple still photo cameras were mounted on the car and one second exposures were taken as the Italia rode around the streets of LA and night which Nick then edited frame by frame to the dub step track.