Dehumanizing Process "Adjournment"

The finale chapter to the feature documentary we made about Chimaira. The movie was called the 2nd best music movie of the year by Revolver Magazine even beating Metallica's "Some Kind Of Monster"

"On A Carousel Of Sound..." Feature Doc

Released in 2009, the film is in stores and played in film festivals nationwide. It won numerous awards including "Best Music Movie Of The Year" by and the Maverick Movie Awards. Nick conceived the idea for the film and was the Director, Editor, and Colorist.

Roadrunner United "Iowa"

Joey Jordison of Slipknot is easily one of the best drummers alive today. Here you got a brief glimpse why and see his collaboration with other legends of metal for the feature documentary "Roadrunner United"

Intel "Student Talent Search" Doc

 Promotional Doc for Intel I shot. Getting to shoot in the White House and meeting president Obama was quite an experience to say the least.

Chimaira "Coming Alive" Feature Doc

 Feature Documentary 3 from my partner in crime Todd Bell which had an accompanying live show DVD that I helped shoot and edited.

"Song Sung Blue" Feature Doc

Trailer for the film that went on to appear in 40 film fests world wide, winning many awards including the Audience and Grand Jury Awards for "Best Documentary" in Slamdance at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.