"Song Sung Blue" Feature Doc

Trailer for the film that went on to appear in 40 film fests world wide, winning many awards including the Audience and Grand Jury Awards for "Best Documentary" in Slamdance at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. 

Song Sung Blue tells the story of a married couple singing duo from Milwaukee WI. Lightning and Thunder were a Neil Diamond and Patsy Cline tribute act that gained some notoriety in the 90's opening a large venues for bands like Pearl Jam. A freak accident tragedy befell them at one point and the film follows nearly 20 years of their life as they try to make their dream come true. 

With over 1000 hours of footage from 20 years of two lives lived, the film took me nearly a year and a half to edit without any assistance or co-editors. It was a long and emotional process "living" with this story so closely and for so long. But the success of the film made it all worth it and is one of my personal highlights in my career as a filmmaker.