Pink "Funhouse" Press Kit

 EPK for Pink's Funhouse album. She was an interesting artist to work for, full of spirited emotion and opinions on any subject to say the least. I got a much better appreciation for her as an artist after making this piece for her.

Dehumanizing Process "Adjournment"

The finale chapter to the feature documentary we made about Chimaira. The movie was called the 2nd best music movie of the year by Revolver Magazine even beating Metallica's "Some Kind Of Monster"

Roadrunner United "Iowa"

Joey Jordison of Slipknot is easily one of the best drummers alive today. Here you got a brief glimpse why and see his collaboration with other legends of metal for the feature documentary "Roadrunner United"

Beyonce "I Am..." Teaser Spot

Nick collaborated with Beyonce on all promotional aspects of her album "I am... Sasha Fierce" including directing, editing, and coloring this teaser.

Tina Turner "Farewell Tour" Press Kit


Jack Daniels "Zac Brown Band"

Jack Daniel's and The Zac Brown Band teamed up for a nationwide tour and promoted it with this spot which was edited & colored by Nick.

Tina Turner "Farewell Tour" EPK

Tina Turner came out of retirement for one last international tour in 2009. Nick was the Director and Editor on all the promos and spots for the tour.

"Behold The River" Video

A music video I culled together out of footage from the feature film I made about them called "On A Carousel Of Sound, We Go Round"

Chimaira "Resurrection" Video

One of the last projects I got to work that was still completely shot on film. It'll always hold a special place in my heart for that reason alone. Oh and theres some pretty images too, ahem.

Steadlur "Bumpin" Video

What says "Bumpin" better that cute roller girls smashing into each other on the track. There's a band playing in there somewhere too.

Chimaira "Coming Alive" Feature Doc

 Feature Documentary 3 from my partner in crime Todd Bell which had an accompanying live show DVD that I helped shoot and edited.

New Amsterdams "Turn Out The Light"

Music Video for the post Get Up Kids band. One of my favorite bands in my punk rock years so it was a privilege to work on this with those guys. 

Mookie "Turn It Up" Video

A relatively complex green screen and effects heavy music video for the talented hip hop artist Mookie.

Beyonce "I Am..." Tour Ticket Spot

I got to take the reigns of the touring concert video team for a day and shoot these spots promoting her tour during rehearsals.