Asics "Try Everything" Japanese Spot

Olympic gold medal winner and record breaking marathon runner Naoko Takahashi stars in this Asics "Try Everything" campaign which aired in Japan. 

Specialized "Tom Boonen" Spot

We shot just outside of Brussels Belgium with the world champ in his home town for this Tour de France spot. 

Primal Quest "Adventure Race" Promo

 Primal Quest is the worlds largest expedition race. Teams of four travel hundreds of miles in various disciplines over various terrain. We made this promo to highlight some of the features of the current years course.

Expendable 3 "Paul Osicka" Section

One of my first sports films I edited, a segment from the Fox Racing BMX film Expendable 3. 

Specialized "BG Fit" Spot


Throttle "James Stewart" Section


Throttle "Clear Creek" Section


Stealth "Think Stealth" Game Opening


Specialized "Paulo Bettini" Spot